Mercedes Conversion Van

The Metris is a highly anticipated Mercedes Conversion Van that will arrive early 2016. People who want to travel in luxury and style will want to check out all that the Metris has to offer. These sharp and comfortable vehicles provide transportation in a stunning and aesthetically pleasing way that has never been seen before in the world of conversion vans. If you want to impress your friends and drive the van of a lifetime, then the Mercedes Metris is just what you're looking for. Passengers will enjoy all the spoils of the Mercedes Metris. The iPod interface allows people to charge and play their iPods while riding in the spacious and comfortable van. There are also USB and Bluetooth ports included in the van's features. People who enjoy technology will love riding in the van and taking full advantage of the special features available in the Mercedes Metris. You can even enjoy wireless streaming on your smartphones and other devices. Effortlessly watch movies and television shows thanks to the technology offered inside of this Mercedes Conversion Van. Riders will also love the awesome quality of the speaker system installed in the Metris Conversion Van. There are five speakers in the front of the van that deliver high-quality sound for all types of media. You can rock out to the stereo or switch on the iPod for more controlled music listening. There's also an audio theft prevention device installed in the van to keep the van and its technology safe from the potential thieves that feast their eyes on this beautiful van. The quality of the ride gets even better for people in colder climates. The Metris comes equipped with a heat redistribution control that keeps the heat circulating evenly throughout the entire van. You'll never be cold when riding in this van. The same is true for air conditioning in the summer. Sip all the iced tea and lemon you like when you're basking in the cool seats of the Mercedes Metris. The fabric seats make naps perfect during road trips and boring traffic jams. The Mercedes Metris promises to be one of the most unique luxury vans ever released. If you're in the market for a conversion van, you should definitely consider checking out the Metris. The surprising gas mileage checks in at 23 miles per gallon. You'll save the environment and save money to drive your stylish and awe-inspiring van. Put the Metris at the top of your shopping list when the time comes for a new conversion van. You and your family won't be disappointed with your choice in a Mercedes Conversion Van.

Explorer Conversion

Explorer Conversion Company is utilizing the Metris as a Mercedes Conversion Van. Explorer has been a staple in the industry for years, and van fans will not be let down with the Metris.

Mercedes Metris

Mercedes-Benz has manufactured cargo and passenger vans for many years. A staple in European countries, Mercedes Conversion Vans are looking to make a statement in the U.S.

Where to Purchase

Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans in Troy, Ohio. Arbogast has had a long time relationship with Explorer Conversion Vans and Mercedes-Benz Class B Motorhomes.